Monday, 21 May 2018
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Customer Comments
As Atmos design we have known and worked with Rockwell Hi-Tec since 2005.  These technicians are consummate professionals and our first port of call for technical issues with Epson printers.

We first came across them when arranging repairs on Epson printers through Fujifilm.  After meeting them a couple of times onsite with some of our customers, and seeing first hand how professionally and swiftly they dealt with the issues, we felt more than confident to recommend them to our customers directly.  Having people like this to call on when you need printers to be either serviced or repaired when out of warranty is extremely valuable.

All we can say is: exceptionally good service, not a single customer of ours has ever complained, and their fees are more than reasonable.

Basically we give them 100% positive feedback.
Udo J. Machiels
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