Founded in 1982 we are the World leaders in manufacturing automatic chemical mixing devices predominantly in the Photographic and Motion Picture industries.  Benefits include;

  • Simple easy and failsafe than hand mixing

  • Uniform accurate mixing leads to consistently better quality and improved customer satisfaction

  • Will reduce chemical costs using uncomplicated use of large chemical packs.

  • Eases health and safety compliance and reduces employees exposure and handling of photogharphic chemicals

  • Eliminates mistakes and potential chemical spills.

  • We also manufacture a range of chemical handling and pumping equipment please call with your requirements.

 We offer 2 main products the HV3 and MM3 Mixers, the products can be adapted to mix any liquid to a high level of accuracy.  Rockwell have manufactured and installed more than 1000 machines all over the World  and are in our 4th generation of product with both electronics and mechanics designed and built in the UK.  We offer custom made products to suit any size lab ranging from a few litres per day to thousands of litres per hour.  All spare parts are manufactured and sold from the our factory in the UK along with Engineers to assist with all lab design and planning.  Contact us for more details. 

MM3 Chemical Mixer

MM3 Chemical Mixer

HV3 Chemical Mixer

HV3 Chemical Mixer


  • Modular Design - unto 7 solutions per cabinet, each with unto 5 concentrates/overflow and water

  • HV3 upto 300 litres per solution per hour.  MM3 unto 40 litres per solution per hour

  • Suitable for all size users from a 10 litres to 10's of thousands of llitres per day consumption - any size unit can be configured

  • Failsafe operation will mix correctly or stop and warn operator, safe unattended operation

  • Remote monitoring from a PC and allows configuration changes and stoppages.

  • Contact us with your requirements and we can also provide contact of many satisfied users some for over 15 years.